The Cadogan Pavilion (The Ship) Opened in 1912

Cadogan was opened on 1st April 1912 and was named the ‘Countess Cadogan Memorial Pavilion’. It was first used as a men’s ward, then women’s ward before being used as staff accommodation.  The building was developed in the 1990’s and became the Education Centre through to its closure.

The building was affectionately known as ‘The Ship’.

The Countess Cadogan

Beatrix Jane, Countess Cadogan, nee Craven (1844-1907)

The daughter of an earl and married to an earl, Countess Cadogan was a leader of London society and a great political hostess. In 1895 her husband was appointed Viceroy of Ireland and during her period as Vicereine, ‘she was at the centre of every possible good work, hospital nursing association or supporting the industrial development of the country.’

Imposing as she was, she was said to be the life and soul of her own home and most devoted mother and grandmother.

Records suggest the Countess was a huge supporter of the Society in its early days and attended its inaugural conference in November 1905. Following her death in 1907, her husband donated funds to support the building of a new pavilion at Benenden.


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