School And School House

The school and it’s neighbouring house are beautiful old buildings. I’m not sure when they were built but an Ordinance Survey Map shows a school on the site in 1871.

Built and used as a school for many years until children were able to travel to larger local villages and towns in the area.

The School and School House 2016 – Hugh Turvey (Gustoimages)

By the time the sanatorium opened in 1907, the school was closed. Records suggest that ownership of the school and house was transferred as part of the Hemsted Estate from Lord Cranbrook to Lord Rothermere on 27 November 1912.

From this time the house was the residence of Lord Rothermere’s chauffeur.

By July 1919, Lord Rothermere was selling the school and house along with other parts of his huge estate. The sanatorium were looking for accommodation and additional space for a laundry and therefore entered into discussion with a view to purchase the properties.

Letters in the archive suggest that negotiations over the boundaries, price and other issues took about a year to resolve.

The properties were finally purchased by the National Sanatorium Association for £600.


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