Patient to Professional

Leslie Carter – The Patient

Another amazing memory emerges from the archive. Leslie Carter was admitted to the Sanatorium with TB and was told he had only three months to live. 53 years later her retired as a clinical professional and valued member of staff.

Following two years of treatment Leslie recovered from TB and decided to stay on at the Hospital as a ‘thank you’ to those that nursed him back to health and saved one of his lungs.

Leslie Carter – The Professional

On his retirement , Leslie was Postmaster, Shop Manager and Radiographer. As a reward for his service, Leslie was honoured with the British Empire Medal.

Les contracted TB whilst working as a Laboratory Assistant at the Brompton Hospital, London. When he recovered he initially returned to laboratory work as well as helping out in the post office.

He studied hard to become the Hospitals first State Registered Radiographer and also took on the role of Canteen Manager for a while.

Les lived in Cranbrook and died in February 1979.

Staff at our Hospital continue to enjoy long and sometimes diverse careers but perhaps not as interesting as Les’s story.


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