Changing Face of the Dining Room

The Early Days

In the early days of the Sanatorium, patients made their way to the dining room for all their meals, unless restricted to bed rest. This postcard home suggests that patients had an allocated seat.

Dining was a formal affair for some years, with table cloths and settings and note that the men and women are seated at different tables.

Archive material suggests that the Dining Room has been a central place to celebrate Christmas and these photographs show the wonderfully decorated room in the 1940s and 50s.

These 1970s photographs show a room that we recognise today but still somewhere largely used by patients each mealtime.

The Kitchen

At one point, the kitchen would have catered for up to 150 patients and staff three times a day.

Museum Artefacts

Here is a selection of images of kitchen items from the museum.

The Staff

A picture of the catering staff in 1977. Their names from left to right.

Mrs Nichols, Connie Miller, Michael Dalziel, Pat Priest, Ada Masters, Tony Sims, Mollie Manning, Lydia Stevens, Ernest Lindridge, Unknown, Unknown, Joan Burge, Daphne Pavey, Dennis Monk, Jock Crookston and Stan Foster.

Catering Staff 1977

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