Operating Theatre Then and Now

Photographs of Benenden Hospital’s first operating theatre opened in 1955, compared to one of our new state of the art theatre rooms. Benenden has always been ahead of its time and continues to provide the best and most modern equipment and facilities.


Keep it in the family!

A treatment for Rheumatism is recommended by Dr Balfour of Edinburgh, in the Medical Guide of 1824. He suggests the use of a tool to pommel and rub the affected part.

The picture of the gruesome tool shows a hook at the end for rubbing the toes (C and D), with a flat oval end for rubbing a broader body part. The tool should then be used like a hammer to pommel affected joints.

The fifth generation of Balfour Doctors, is working at Benenden Hospital. Thankfully, not using the gruesome tool, Alastair is one of our Consultant ENT Surgeons.